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Телефон логистической компании Москва



Телефон логистической компании Москва

International transportation

TransVIP — Your company for international and local carriage of goods.

Distance is not a problem if you order carriage of goods from us. TransVIP company has been operating on the market of international and local carriage since 1995. During these years we have managed to build up an adjusted logistics system, established business links with foreign transportation companies. Those services which are called “exclusive” by our competitors are usual routine for us. We also do not stand aside from the issues of paperwork for your cargo. Our specialists will collect all necessary approval documents and make customs clearance of the cargo.

Note! Calculation of the cost of transportation is made during two hours!

 Types of services:

Air freight of cargo — for most urgent orders


Air freight is, probably, the most popular type of services in the context of international cargo transportation. However, we make haste to cheer you: nowadays every our client, either corporate or private, can order air freight within the territory of the Russian Federation!

Yes, high expenses for jet fuel, wear of aircrafts, rent and other expenditures do not allow making the price of such service available to absolutely all customers, however, we are applying all efforts so that air freight becomes more available. Right now you can economize due to our consolidated cargo service!  We also take on ourselves the customs clearance of cargo in Sheremetyevo, Domodedovo, Vnukovo airports.

International haulage — for the most low-cost orders


Haulage is the optimal solution which combines the speed of delivery and acceptable cost of service. We have our own trucks of different tonnage and therefore we are able to easily transport cargoes of most different physical parameters: dimensions, weight etc.

Rail freight — for the most volumetric orders

Railway transportation is the necessary type of transportation services due to which we get advantages in delivery of cargo to overseas of the Russian Federation. Besides, railway transportation is the ideal solution in case of volumetric cargo transportation. A perfect example is transportation of ore materials, coal and wood.

Sea freight — for the most cost-effective orders


Sea freight is the choice of rational customers who have free time in hand. The route plotted by the dry-cargo freighter can hardly be called “fast” but this type of delivery allows economizing on costs planned for overhead charges.

Multimodal freight — for any distance and any cargo


Special attention should be made to mixed cargo transportation, the necessity of which is determined not only by the client personally, but also by our specialists from the logistics department. Sometimes, we have to use different types of transport at the same time so that to preserve the balance between the term and cost of delivery. On many occasions this mode of delivery has proved its status as the «cuter».

Customs clearance of cargo — relief from extra time and budget expenditures


As you understand, problems with customs and delays can tell not in a good manner on our reputation. So that to avoid it we have established a special service engaged in customs clearance of cargo. Now you do not need to search for the customs broker outside by overpaying and losing precious time. Our experience in international carriage, relations with foreign partners, knowledge of legislation allow us most prompt reacting to all changes in the procedure of customs control. We shall assist you in collecting all necessary documents and shall make all possible so that your cargo passes customs control and is delivered without delays.

Outsourcing — you are completely relieved from troubles with cargo transportation


We are among those few companies which offer outsourcing services. What does it mean? This is complex servicing of foreign economic activity by our specialists. We take off your shoulders all troubles related to storage, customs clearance, delivery and escorting of cargo. In other words, you get “door-to-door” service rendered by experts in logistics. This service relieves you from the necessity to hire a specialist who will be engaged with handling of dispatch of cargo overseas. Plus, by choosing outsourcing you are insured against any mistake and shortcomings.

Certification of cargo during transportation


Certification is one more direction of activities of our company in the context of international carriage. Certification of cargoes transported to the territory of the state is made for confirmation of its quality, consumer properties, and also the impossibility of causing any damage during usage. Due to our own certification center our clients receive certificates for cargo (or exemption letters if the cargo is not a subject to certification) within shortest terms. In order to make use of this service it is sufficient to present the documents confirming origin of the cargo, for which the certificate should be issued, to our specialists.

Our services

Customs clearance

  • Organization of customs processing of medical cargoes;
  • Organization of customs processing of (import and export) cargoes;
  • Assistance in the development of foreign trade contracts;
  • Representation of your interests at Customs bodies.


  • Cargo delivery from any place of the world to any region of Russia;
  • Processing of various goods groups export and delivery of cargoes from Russia to any country;
  • Completing of package cargoes of any size starting from one pallet to a container at European terminals;
  • Storage and handling of your goods at European terminals till importing to the territory of Russian Federation.

Certification of goods

  • Sanitary and hygienic opinion letters;
  • Certificates of compliance;
  • Estimation of customs cost of goods in expertizing centers, having licenses for valuation activities and other documents according to the specification of your cargo.


The high level of knowledge in this type of activity allows our clients to get competent consultations on Customs law of Russian Federation. We are interested in providing of quality service and constantly follow the amendments in regulatory legal acts of Customs and Tax Laws, which allows to introduce the necessary additions into documentation.

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