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Телефон логистической компании Москва



Телефон логистической компании Москва


How to get in touch with us

In this section you can receive the necessary information for communication with our managers and experts which would consult you on all questions, concerning cargo transportation: delivery of cargoes, costs of cargoes delivery and other questions connected with our services.

We will answer any questions interesting you immediately and with pleasure. Our experts are ready to provide maximum information to you and also to carry out the distinct and detailed consultations concerning all stages of cargo delivery and the order of registration of all the necessary documentation.

It is possible to contact us by phone

+7 (499) 500-9-000, +41 (78) 7697518(fr)

Central office of the company T&V is located at the address

124340, Russia, Moscow, Airport Sheremetyevo, Sheremetevskoye highway 2, State research institute of civil aviation

E-mail: info@transvip.ru, 4995009000@transvip.ru

Skype: transvip_4995009000

ICQ: 636111901

Our services

Customs clearance

  • Organization of customs processing of medical cargoes;
  • Organization of customs processing of (import and export) cargoes;
  • Assistance in the development of foreign trade contracts;
  • Representation of your interests at Customs bodies.


  • Cargo delivery from any place of the world to any region of Russia;
  • Processing of various goods groups export and delivery of cargoes from Russia to any country;
  • Completing of package cargoes of any size starting from one pallet to a container at European terminals;
  • Storage and handling of your goods at European terminals till importing to the territory of Russian Federation.

Certification of goods

  • Sanitary and hygienic opinion letters;
  • Certificates of compliance;
  • Estimation of customs cost of goods in expertizing centers, having licenses for valuation activities and other documents according to the specification of your cargo.


The high level of knowledge in this type of activity allows our clients to get competent consultations on Customs law of Russian Federation. We are interested in providing of quality service and constantly follow the amendments in regulatory legal acts of Customs and Tax Laws, which allows to introduce the necessary additions into documentation.

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