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Customs processing


Customs clearance services of TransVIP

            We all know that international freight is closely related with the necessity to make customs clearance of cargo. Nowadays every our client, whether a big company or a private person, has an opportunity to get service of customs clearance in Moscow.

  • Do you want to receive an extended consultation on the issues of customs clearance, certification and licensing of cargo?
  • Do you require support with preparing necessary documents?
  • Do you require assistance in calculation of the customs value?

TransVIP has been providing customs clearance services for 20 years and during this time we have managed to do it on the high level worth of your attention and trust!


Please contact our company and estimate all its benefits:

  • We transport, certify and customs clear a vast range of cargoes starting from fluffy toys up to dangerous cargo. Perishable products are the only exception there.
  • Air freight is given the priority, this allows our clients to get the shortest terms of customs clearance of cargo, even in case when the procedure of certification is complicated.
  • The main issue is that all procedures connected with customs clearance and certifications of imported cargoes are performed on our own, without any outside organization. Such approach enables to reduce the cost of customs clearance by 10-15 % compared to rates offered by other companies.
  • Cost of customs clearance of cargo in our company is strictly ruled by the established rate policy. That is, we shall not demand from you any additional payment except the payment according to the rate, motivating it by suddenly occurred difficulties or force-majeure circumstances.
  • Individual approach, acceptable terms, commitment to results, high competence chastened in hard situations — these are our constant differences from competitors.

As you understand, carriage of cargoes and customs clearance are junctions in a single chain of international freight. If something is taken out, the chain can simply break, that is why our answer is: while ordering a freight service from America, China or Europe, please consult our specialist regarding the customs clearance. Blind counting on a famous Russian “miracle” in this case can turn into extra large expenses for you.

We shall be sincere with you: we do not accept orders for transportation of a kilo of nails or a liter of oil because in such cases our expenditures for rendering this service override its cost.


What is the scheme of customs support of cargo?

If to imagine our participation in customs clearance service as a simplified scheme of progressive activities, it will look as follows:

  • Necessary documents are prepared.
  • The best variant of cargo freight is considered.
  • Relations with foreign partners are established, measures for securing safe delivery of cargo are taken and the customs codes are assigned to every consignment.

Customs clearance of cargo in Sheremetyevo or any other airport of Moscow is the final stage, so to say, the visible top of the iceberg. Everything starts much earlier, before the cargo arrives to Moscow.


Doing business with us, you receive:

  • Individual calculation of customs clearance cost;
  • Performance of the service within strictly established term;
  • and, what is most important, you get guarantee that the cargo will not be suspended on the border.

Ultimately, all the above-mentioned will make you confident that the goods will be delivered to your stock right in time.

Customs clearance service is one of the major activities of TransVIP company.


Please, call us and fill in the application form on our web-site right now so that to learn the cost of customs clearance of your cargo as soon as possible.



In the process of international freight of any cargo a big issue can become not only the transportation process and cost itself, but the customs paperwork and clearance of transported cargo. The following services may be included into the list of services rendered during cargo freight by companies specialized in export and import of goods: consulting discussion over the customs clearance issues, licensing and certification of goods, support with necessary paperwork, calculations of customs value and other services.

The process of international cargo freight can become so troublesome, that the primary issue will come to be not the speed and fulfillment of the carriage, not the price and even not the cautiousness and responsibility of stevedoring crew and other staff, but just the paperwork for the freight.

As regards the process of import which is realized according to the Customs Code of the Russian Federation, the compliance to all established terms is very significant. In consequence, during international freight of cargoes almost all companies try to fulfil customs clearance of imported cargoes in the most prompt and qualified way.

Besides, by using services of the companies which are responsible for fulfillment of international transportations you, once again, can receive explanations about the expected import, allowed necessity to get licenses, complete calculations of customs rates etc.

If necessary, the transported cargo can be placed in the warehouse of our company for temporary storage. Besides, being a transportation company, we are able to be a client’s representative in customs authorities, during customs declaration of goods, vehicles etc.

International cargo carriage can fulfil both import and export of goods. It is clear that the support during customs declaring of goods shipped for export from the Russian Federation also will be provided to you. Of course, you can get busy with this procedure by your own, however in most cases the people without such professional skills make many mistakes that lead to unpleasant consequences. That is why this procedure should be entrusted to masters of their trade.

Summing up, in order that international freight is fulfilled within the shortest terms, all operations connected with customs should be confided to a qualified carrier.


Possibilities of internet during customs clearance

Contemporary world is the world of velocity and information. Sometimes the success of a commercial venture depends on the possibility to make a prompt paperwork of necessary documents. One of the most complex and long-term processes during import or export of goods is customs clearance and receipt of the mark «export or import is permitted». This is a small and such a wanted stamp in the customs declaration. However, since recent times it is possible to get this mark with the help of telecommunication technologies. Namely with the help of special software and a trained officer the exporters and importers can fulfil the procedure of electronic customs declaration right from their office computers, not spending time and nerves. That is, your customs declaration will be inspected by customs officers and approved in on-line mode well before the arrival of the goods at the border. After arrival of the goods at the border you only have to apply the paper copy of the customs declaration and continue the journey of cargo, not spending time for customs clearance.

The first experience for implementation of electronic customs declaration has already been received. Absence of long queues in the checkpoints, reduced time for customs clearance of cargo during border crossing, saved nerves of citizens – all these advantages are provided by the electronic customs declaration. So that to have an opportunity to cooperate with customs authorities in the on-line mode it is necessary to comply with several serious requirements.

Firstly, the modern computer equipment and access to internet is necessary. Secondly, it is required to conclude an agreement with a company for installation of software for electronic customs declaration, to train employees and arrange programs support. After all these steps are done, you can start working in the mode of electronic customs declaration. Reduced time during crossing of goods through the border and absence of difficulties during customs clearance will much ease your business, bring only positive emotions and give the opportunity to entrepreneurs to work trouble-free in our hard times.

Specialists of our company will provide you with the following support:

  • organization of customs clearance of medical cargo;
  • organization of customs clearance of cargo (imported and exported);
  • assistance in development of drafts of foreign trade contracts;
  • customs broker services;
  • calculation of customs duties with the help of customs calculator;


Air freight by different routes is one of the most important fields of activity of our transportation company;

Our services

Customs clearance

  • Organization of customs processing of medical cargoes;
  • Organization of customs processing of (import and export) cargoes;
  • Assistance in the development of foreign trade contracts;
  • Representation of your interests at Customs bodies.


  • Cargo delivery from any place of the world to any region of Russia;
  • Processing of various goods groups export and delivery of cargoes from Russia to any country;
  • Completing of package cargoes of any size starting from one pallet to a container at European terminals;
  • Storage and handling of your goods at European terminals till importing to the territory of Russian Federation.

Certification of goods

  • Sanitary and hygienic opinion letters;
  • Certificates of compliance;
  • Estimation of customs cost of goods in expertizing centers, having licenses for valuation activities and other documents according to the specification of your cargo.


The high level of knowledge in this type of activity allows our clients to get competent consultations on Customs law of Russian Federation. We are interested in providing of quality service and constantly follow the amendments in regulatory legal acts of Customs and Tax Laws, which allows to introduce the necessary additions into documentation.

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