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You are a young Russian company planning to perform commercial activity by purchasing/or selling goods overseas and you do not want to have difficulties and any problems during border crossing?

In such case outsourcing of foreign economic activity is what you need. Logistic outsourcing is a relatively new, however, quite perspective service available to all national entrepreneurs without exclusion.

What is outsourcing?

Textbook description of outsourcing sounds like: outsourcing is a transfer of a part of business-processes, functions by an organization for servicing by a performing company. Of course, the fact of transfer is stipulated in the agreement including a detailed description of the functions under consideration, rights and obligations assigned to the performing company acting on behalf of the customer.

This is what outsourcing of the foreign economic activity means. Import and export of goods overseas are the most perspective fields for both parties as regards outsourcing.

Outsourcing services

The following question is quite reasonable: what are the benefits from this service to me personally, as a customer?

Let us figure it out

  • First of all, outsourcing of logistics services allows reducing the number of partners (intermediaries), with whom you have (or had) to cooperate in case of the international freight of cargoes. It is far easier to work within the frame of a single contract, with a single executor, than to be torn between several contractual relations.
  • On top of everything else, cooperating with us within the frame of this service, you economize on the payroll budget because now you are able to optimize your staff by replacing entire departments with one or several specialists.
  • It should not go unnoticed that the risks of the consignee of cargo are reduced while considering claims from controlling and customs authorities. Our clients receive customs cleared cargo. Well, in case of a disputable situation we take its solution on ourselves.
  • Logistic outsourcing in the Russian Federation is the real opportunity for small companies to come up to the international market.


Concluding an outsourcing agreement with us, you get the following advantages:

  • Your foreign economic activity goes without the necessity of establishing a special department of foreign economic activity within the structure of your company.
  • You get an opportunity to use experience and knowledge of our specialists.
  • You extend the geography of search of new partners not only in the Russian Federation but also overseas.
  • You get full servicing of deals: starting from support and ending with conclusion of the deal.
  • You get confidence in the stability of the rate policy. With us you may not worry that agreed price will be changed all of a sudden.
  • You get complete paperwork.
  • You are consulted at any time.

If you got tired of the search of a reliable partner, we are ready to offer you a high quality outsourcing of foreign outsourcing activity. China, USA, Europe – these are major geographic vectors of our business. We constantly improve the service of outsourcing of foreign economic activity, adjust ourselves to fluctuations in the international legislation and apply all efforts to protect interests of our client.

Our services

Customs clearance

  • Organization of customs processing of medical cargoes;
  • Organization of customs processing of (import and export) cargoes;
  • Assistance in the development of foreign trade contracts;
  • Representation of your interests at Customs bodies.


  • Cargo delivery from any place of the world to any region of Russia;
  • Processing of various goods groups export and delivery of cargoes from Russia to any country;
  • Completing of package cargoes of any size starting from one pallet to a container at European terminals;
  • Storage and handling of your goods at European terminals till importing to the territory of Russian Federation.

Certification of goods

  • Sanitary and hygienic opinion letters;
  • Certificates of compliance;
  • Estimation of customs cost of goods in expertizing centers, having licenses for valuation activities and other documents according to the specification of your cargo.


The high level of knowledge in this type of activity allows our clients to get competent consultations on Customs law of Russian Federation. We are interested in providing of quality service and constantly follow the amendments in regulatory legal acts of Customs and Tax Laws, which allows to introduce the necessary additions into documentation.

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