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Overseas transportation


Sea freight together with TransVIP

  • You are not restrained by the term of delivery and can afford waiting during several weeks?
  • You want to save on overhead expenses?
  • Country to which the cargo should be delivered is near sea or ocean?

TransVIP offers sea freight service to private and corporate clients. Nowadays, in the Russian Federation this is the most available and simple way of delivery of cargoes from China, America and other far countries.


Your advantages if you choose international sea freight:

  • Sea freight is less expensive than transportation by other modes;
  • Sea freight of cargoes is considered as the most save mode of delivery;
  • Carrying capacity, usage of large dry cargo carriers, bulkers and other types of vessels by our company allows transporting cargoes of truly gigantic size;
  • Transportation of cargoes of different assortment. All types of cargoes are transported by vessels  regardless the aggregate state (gas, liquid) of the cargo.
  • Your guarantees from TransVIP for international sea freight:
  • Elaboration of the most optimal schemes of cargo delivery.
  • Swift coordination of dates for loading and shipment, intra-port freight forwarding.
  • Assistance in handling of shipping documents.
  • Customs clearance. Our business is not only delivery but also customs clearance of cargo. International freight with TransVIP is the possibility to relieve yourself from legal issues and put it on shoulders of professionals.
  • Application of all types of vessels for carriage of different types of cargo. You can use sea freight to transport oil, loose goods, machines and equipment, wood, combined cargoes.
  • Unfortunately, International sea freight also has weak points, including slow speed of delivery and dependence from weather conditions. Nevertheless, modern navigation techniques and latest meteorological investigations allow almost cоmplete excluding of the force-majeure caused by nature.


What countries are within the scope of our activities?

We cooperate with any country with access to the sea, but we can underline the directions in most demand: China, USA, Europe.

These days the consolidated transportation in container is especially popular. It should be noted that  transportation by sea containers allows significant economy on transportation expenses because the freight cost is paid not by one client, but by all shippers of the goods transported in this container.   


How is the cost of sea freight calculated?

The following components are included:

  • Costs of transportation from warehouse to port.
  • Port expenditures.
  • Freight.
  • Cost of transportation from port to warehouse.

Collaboration with large foreign carriers gives us a significant competitive advantage, while you get a firm confidence that the cargo will be delivered in integrity and exactly within the stipulated term. This is not a miracle but sound requirements which are fulfilled by TransVIP.


Please, call us and fill in the application form on our web-site right now so that to learn the cost and conditions of sea freight for your cargo as soon as possible. Calculation of sea freight cost takes 2 hours at most if you contact us by phone.




Interesting to know!

Sea cargo transportation is the most ancient kind of transportations. In Russia it certainly originates from the time of Peter I. It initiated construction of military fleet that in its turn led to creation of trading ships in imperial Russia as well. Building of St.-Petersburg is also not less important, because according to Peter the Great plan it should have become the port for getting of cargoes by sea instead of Arkhangelsk.

Today the essence of sea transportations almost hasn’t changed. Cargo is being delivered to the port either by railroad or by motor transport in containers, loaded by means of huge cranes to a vessel’s deck and sent to a port of destination. The following vessel types can be used for sea transportation of cargoes:

  • Dry-cargo ships - for sea transportation of bulk cargoes, and also for motor vehicles and the self-propelled equipment;
  • Bulk ships - for transportation of mass cargoes;
  • Timber carrying vessels - no comments;
  • Container ships lighter carrier ships - for sea transportation of general cargoes;
  • Tank vessels and ore-bulk-oil carriers;
  • Tankers – transportation of oil, liquefied gas and oil products;
  • Ferries - are intended for regular transportation of overland vehicles, cargoes and passengers between coastal points;
  • etc.

As we see, for the customer when it is necessary for him to carry out sea transportation of cargoes there will always be a vessel suitable for its needs, just address the correct company.

It can seem that sea transportations are used basically for transportation of only oil products. But this error at its finest as according to United Nations data transportation of bulk cargoes in total amount of a sea cargo transportation does not exceed 36 %. It means that sea transportations are one of the most popular ways of commercial cargoes transportation not only for transatlantic oil companies, but also for modern large and average business.

Sea transportations are a part of mixed transportations. It means that besides sea transportation land transportation by other types of transport is used. We do not recommend to carry out land transportation by the help of some other company, not the one, which carries out sea transportation. Frequently it leads to an unjustified delay of cargo when there are matters of time of cargo reload, who exactly would reload it etc. Ordering a mixed transportation of cargo in one company, you precisely know that as soon as cargo has left a warehouse of the sender, all problems on its delivery would be solved by the transport company, and you just need to wait for your cargo at the destination point.

There are no concealed expenses in TransVip, there is only professionalism of the employees and reliability of international sea delivery of cargoes.

Advantages of sea transportation of cargoes:

  1. Low cost;
  2. High reliability;
  3. Low risk percent of damage and loss of cargo.

Disadvantages of sea transportation of cargoes:

  1. Speed of delivery;
  2. Dependence on weather conditions.

Company TransVip is really good in sea cargo transportation and always recommends them to clients. Behind our back there are tens tons of successfully delivered cargo by sea ways.

Modern trends of sea cargo transportation

Today's world considers piracy the biggest danger to sea cargo transportation. Arisen at Somalia coasts, it poses the threat for any cargo transported by sea near the coast of this country. But the worst thing is that Somalia pirates’ successes can become a bad example for other poor countries at which there are routes of international sea cargoes transportation.

This problem can seem to be strained and as the decision it is possible to change a sea transportation route. But this is a mistake. Sea transportations directly depend on currents at the world ocean, and it is impossible to change them. If the ship moves not on a current, it makes the sea transportation of cargoes almost senseless as duration of transportation and its cost considerably increase.

Thus, piracy can be called a real threat of the 21st century for sea cargo transportation business. The way out for this unpleasant situation is traditionally insurance of cargoes. It increases transportation cost a little, but both the customer and the transport company are protected from losses. The world community, United Nations Organization does not also sit twiddling their thumbs and send their ships for protection of sea routes, vessels with valuable cargo and for any counteraction to piracy.

Our services

Customs clearance

  • Organization of customs processing of medical cargoes;
  • Organization of customs processing of (import and export) cargoes;
  • Assistance in the development of foreign trade contracts;
  • Representation of your interests at Customs bodies.


  • Cargo delivery from any place of the world to any region of Russia;
  • Processing of various goods groups export and delivery of cargoes from Russia to any country;
  • Completing of package cargoes of any size starting from one pallet to a container at European terminals;
  • Storage and handling of your goods at European terminals till importing to the territory of Russian Federation.

Certification of goods

  • Sanitary and hygienic opinion letters;
  • Certificates of compliance;
  • Estimation of customs cost of goods in expertizing centers, having licenses for valuation activities and other documents according to the specification of your cargo.


The high level of knowledge in this type of activity allows our clients to get competent consultations on Customs law of Russian Federation. We are interested in providing of quality service and constantly follow the amendments in regulatory legal acts of Customs and Tax Laws, which allows to introduce the necessary additions into documentation.

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